About Healthy Lombard’s Frosted Apple Fitness Program

In late 2020, we at Healthy Lombard we discussing  COVID-19 safety measures that left many kids without their regular PE classes or other extracurriculars that typically keep them active. There are a lot of resources available such as websites and newspapers offering advice, print-outs and videos. But what busy parent, guardian, or adult has the time to find and sift through those? Who really has the time to come up with a plan or even new ideas for their kids to get in the CDC’s recommended 60 minutes of daily activity? And how do we even get the kids to participate?

Healthy Lombard developed the Frosted Apple Fitness program as a winter spin-off of summer’s Flat Apple to help get kids active during these strange times. Frosted Apple Fitness was free to join and gave kids ages 6 to 14 the opportunity to win prizes based on various fitness and nutrition challenges!

The Frosted Apple Fitness Program included 10-weeks of the following:

    • Weekly email to registered Parent/Guardian
    • Hand-picked links to fun activities and video demonstrations
    • All newsletters linked on website for quick reference
    • One Nutrition/Food Challenge per week, with the whole week to try it out
    • Week 1 started January 17th and the program wrapped up on March 28th
    • Registration and Tracking was all done virtually via google forms.

What did we track?

Points! Essentially 1 minute of activity = 1 point. Total points at the end of the 10 weeks will tell us what prizes kids can choose from. It’s a lot like at the arcade, but instead of exchanging tickets for prizes, kids could exchange time!

*A minimum of 600 points at the end of 10 weeks necessary for prize eligibility, and a maximum of 4200 points allowed.*

Additionally, for the 1 nutrition-focused challenge a week, there’s simply a short “Did you complete this?” online form. There could be up to 10 nutrition points total for completing that week, and that means another prize!

What kind of prizes did we offer?

Everything from the small to the large! Prizes and the local business that donated them can be found on the donation parters tab.

Please remember:

None of the links we send or videos we share constitute medical advice or a diagnosis. If you have any concerns or questions about health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional. And remember to consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any fitness program.