36 Proven Ways to Bring Positivity into Your Home

Zebra, the nation’s leading independent insurance comparison site, shared with Healthy Lombard that after a long search for the right neighborhood and the perfect home, and the process of renting or buying your house, comes the exciting new challenge of making a house feel like home.

There are many factors that make a house feel like yours — from the people you share it with to the unique furnishings you choose. Ultimately, establishing a sense of security can play a huge part in the overall happiness with your home, so it’s important to ensure you’re financially covered with home insurance.

While what makes a place feel like home is up to you, there are a few science-backed ways to create a home that is welcoming and supports your happiness and success. We break down the tips below, and included a checklist so you can incorporate them into your new place.

Tips to make your home a happier place

You might already know that natural light and photos of loved ones tend to make us happier, but if you’re stuck with a dim room, how can you turn it into an uplifting space? Here are just a few ways to incorporate our proven tips for making your home more positive:

Use scent

More than other senses, your sense of smell has been shown to readily elicit memories and emotions. Use this to your advantage by introducing scents that remind you of your favorite times.

  • Place light floral or vanilla-scented candles in the living room: these scents are proven to brighten your mood.
  • Use aromatherapy soap in your kitchen to make dishes a breeze.
  • Treat yourself to a scented bath bomb for a spa day at home.
  • Use a scented plug-in in the bedroom to drift off with a relaxing scent.

Allow in more natural light

Getting sunlight isn’t just good for your mood  — it’s necessary. People generally need 10 to 30 minutes a day to get enough vitamin D. Sunlight also helps regulate your circadian rhythm, keeping you energized when you need it, and sleepy at night.

  • Open all the blinds you can during the day and your home will instantly feel more inviting.
  • Install window filters to allow light in without compromising privacy.
  • Use large mirrors in dim rooms to reflect more light.
  • Opt for daylight-tinted light bulbs in offices and workspaces to boost productivity.

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