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The 11 Most Popular Natural Cleaners Put to the Test

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Steven Wood ** from SwankyDen asks, “Did you know that your kitchen floor has more bacteria per square inch than your trash can?” It has about 830 per square inch and your trash has about 411 per square inch. It’s pretty shocking to hear, to say the least. With cleanliness being so important nowadays, I started wondering how effective are we at removing these?

Another interesting fact is that a kitchen sponge holds 60 times more bacteria than a pet bowl. Also, your kitchen counters are germier than your toilet seat.

So where am I leading with this? Well, I was wondering how effective we have been at keeping our homes meaningfully clean. Personally, I avoid any cleaning chemicals that can be harmful from chlorine to PERC. So like many others, I’ve made a choice to use as many natural cleaning products as possible.

However, how effective are they? Are we using them properly? I decided to put that to the test with my two professional germ makers (pictured above) on my kitchen and living room floor.

What Was Tested?

1. Alcohol

2. Castille Soap & Tea Tree Oil

Resource Used:

3. Lysol Disinfecting Spray

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

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**  Please note Steven Wood explains that he is not a scientist and this information is just to test what things are like in a home setting.

Please refer to the for official information.

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