Important Tips for Lifting During Pregnancy

Rachel Burns has been writing on topics related to fitness and healthy eating for 2 years now.  She specializes in plant-based diets. And, in addition to nutrition, she is also an exercise enthusiast  Rachel shared with Healthy Lombard that weight lifting during pregnancy is doubted by many. If you have been working out even before pregnancy, then you will probably know the right ways to do it. But during pregnancy, you need to be extra careful while lifting weights. Therefore, professional tips are highly important to ensure a harmless workout regime.

Here are some from Rachel. During pregnancy, a lot of physical, mental, and hormonal changes undergo in the mother’s body. Your uterus creates space for the baby by expanding its walls, and your hip joints start shifting and loosening to prepare your body for the delivery. If you have no prior experience of a workout, then we suggest you keep away from a heavy workout during pregnancy because your body might not be able to handle it properly. But if you have a prior workout experience and you know the right tips for a workout during pregnancy, then you can do it without worrying at all. We will provide you with the necessary details and tips for a safe workout during pregnancy.

Tips for Weight Lifting in Pregnancy

If you are wondering, ‘can you workout during pregnancy?’. Yes, you can if you are used to a workout plan even before pregnancy. Whatever be the workout regime you choose, you will have to keep decreasing the intensity with the progress in pregnancy. Make sure that you avoid an insanity workout during pregnancy. We have shortlisted some important tips for each trimester of pregnancy to ensure a safe gym workout during pregnancy.

First Trimester

The first trimester is a roller coaster of mood swings, nausea, and exhaustion. To keep you and your mind relaxed, we suggest you follow a mild weight training regime. The tips you must follow to ensure a safe workout for pregnancy during the first trimester are:

  • Review the Techniques: You can continue with your old workout regime during the first trimester, but you will have to make certain changes in the techniques. Make sure that your trainer knows about your pregnancy and chalks out the perfect techniques for your workout regime.
  • Slow and Controlled Movements: Do not practice a workout that needs fast movements. While lifting weights, make sure that you use slow and controlled movements for a safe workout during pregnancy. Fast and sudden movements can cause jerks in the developing fetus, therefore, be careful.
  • Keep Breathing: Make sure that you breathe normally and continuously while working out. We also suggest you keep the pelvic floor straight and firm for a balanced workout during pregnancy. This tip is important for every trimester.


Second Trimester

In the second trimester of pregnancy, you will feel more energetic, but at the same time, you will also start feeling the baby bump showing up a bit. Therefore, you need to be extra careful now. Tips for the second-trimester workout plan during pregnancy are:

  • Do not Stand for too Long: This is a very important tip that you must follow. Standing for a long period of time can create blood pools in your leg. But if you have any heavy workout in a standing position, then flatten your back to avoid losing your balance due to the growing bump.
  • Do not lie on Your Back: We do not suggest you lie on your back because that will put pressure on your vena cava. Lying on your back can make you feel dizzy and weak.
  • Wear Support Stockings: If you develop varicose veins during this phase, then do wear support stockings to ensure a comfortable and safe workout during pregnancy.
  • Prefer Seating Position: We would recommend you to choose the weight training exercises that you can do in a seated position. Also, make sure to move around and change your position from time to time while weight lifting. This will help you avoid muscle aches and pains.

    Third Trimester

    In the third trimester of pregnancy, you are close to your delivery date. We recommend you to use the best postpartum belly wrap for quick healing after delivery. Your baby bump is going to be quite a big now, therefore, you need to perform exercises that are not very intense. During this time period, we suggest you consult your doctor regarding the daily pre-workout during pregnancy. Few tips for a workout during pregnancy in the third trimester are:

    • Reduce Weights: You will have to reduce the weights and cut down the exercise repetitions during this period. We suggest you try free weights for a comfortable workout during pregnancy.
    • Use Resistance Bands: It is highly recommended to use resistance bands during this period. Also, be careful while lifting weights. Your little carelessness can be really harmful as you may drop the weight on your bump.
    • Do not lift Weights above Head: Do not lift weights overhead and also do not outstretch your arms during this period. Make sure that you do not lift weights from the floor directly. All of these may cause back strain, which is very risky. Perform light exercises and also have a trainer around you always while working out during pregnancy in the third trimester.


    If you are still wondering whether or not it is safe to work out during pregnancy, then yes it is. You must follow the aforementioned tips for a safe workout during pregnancy. There are many benefits to exercise during pregnancy. The most important benefits are decreased labor pain, lower pre-term birth risk, fewer complications, and shorter time span in the hospital. So will you prefer lifting weights during pregnancy, or you want to stick to light free-hand exercises? Do let us know!

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