Is Your Grill Making You Fat?

Good Health Update share that  as spring and summer roll around, Americans are quick to roll out the BBQ grills and get cooking.

While most will think of meat and protein coming from a BBQ, there are a few fat packing foods hiding in your grill ready to destroy your diet. If you’re looking to stay on track in the gym and on your diet, look to steer clear or curb these BBQ favorites.

From Muscle and Fitness:

Burgers – “Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite BBQ food is loaded with calories and fat. Coming in at the highest number of calories on the list, a 6-oz burger made with 80% lean ground beef has about 425 calories.”

Cole slaw – It’s just vegetables, right? Unfortunately, Cole slaw is rarely made with diets in mind and routinely see them loaded up and mixed with a ton of fat packing mayo. Read more

Have You Registered for Flat Apple?

The 2018 Flat Apple Summer Activity for kids ages preschool (age 4) through high school (age 16) will began June 1, and extends until August 25. Participants do not have to be residents of Lombard but do need to register.

Participation is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.


  1. First, a parent or guardian just clicks on the Quick Link on the right of our website at and then clicks “Sign Up,” OR the parent/guardian may use the link on the Flat Apple 2018 Page on our website. WHEN REGISTERING, PLEASE REMEMBER AFTER YOU FILL IN THE STUDENT INFORMATION YOU STILL NEED TO COMPLETE THE PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION. Once registered you will receive confirmation and a link to the 2018 logo. Downloading or printing the logo speeds check in makes check in at events.
  1. The Student participates in any or all of the Flat Apple Activity. There are 3 ways to have fun:


  • Go to a designated site BETWEEN June 11 and August 25. (The list can be found on both the Healthy Lombard’s Flat Apple 2018 webpage and Calendar Page), show the Flat Apple logo you downloaded when you registered, participate in their activity, and then fill out a participation ticket.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Log in YOUR activities on our Flat Apple 2018 Tracker Sheet (A link to download the form is available on the Flat Apple 2018 webpage – or use QR code below). Each time you accumulate 90 minutes you earn a Participation Ticket. Sheets due back August 18, 2018.
  • Take a selfie of YOU doing something healthy (swimming, playing ball, etc.) Send it to us at – DON’T FORGET to add in your family password so we can fill out a participation ticket for you. Photos will be posted on our Healthy Lombard Selfie page.

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FDA Requires Fast Food Joints to Post Calories

Good Health Update shared that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is trying to assist you in making better choices and understanding the consequences of the choices you make.

They have finally approved and adopted a mandate that will require restaurant chains to post calorie counts on menus for everyone to see. While some chains and even non-chains already feature this, it will be mandatory for any chain with more than 20 locations.

From Fox News:

“The Food and Drug Administration will now require that all restaurant chains, grocers and other prepared food stores with 20 or more locations in the U.S. post calorie counts on their menus, NPR reports.

The mandate, originally proposed in 2010 as part of the Affordable Care Act, was supposed to be enacted by 2015 but faced a delay after receiving heavy backlash. While many large chains, like Starbucks, McDonalds and Panera, complied several years ago, smaller vendors argued it was too tedious and expensive to calculate calories in their rotating menu of items, according to Grub Street.” Read more

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

Health concept

An Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Contributor shared in the Daily Herald Newspaper that a stroke can happen to anyone with very little warning, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimating that someone has a stroke in the U.S. every 40 seconds. Strokes kill an estimated 140,000 Americans each year, accounting for one of every 20 deaths.

Heart disease and stroke get a lot of media attention, but for all the coverage, it’s still easy to miss the warning signs.

“It is important for stroke patients to seek medical care immediately following the first signs of a stroke,” said Dr. Pavan Murty, a neurologist at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Ill. “The faster treatments are provided, the better the outcomes.”

Which is why physicians, including Dr. Murty, say, “Time is brain.”

Terry Casper knows this all too well. Casper, 67, had never been sick, rarely visited a doctor and was in great health. One January evening, he was visiting his son when he noticed that something just didn’t feel right. He couldn’t see out of the right corner of his right eye.

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The CDC shared that  Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones to the point where they break easily—most often, bones in the hip, backbone (spine), and wrist. Osteoporosis is called a “silent disease” because you may not notice any changes until a bone breaks. All the while, though, your bones had been losing strength for many years.

Bone is living tissue. To keep bones strong, your body breaks down old bone and replaces it with new bone tissue. Sometime around age 30, bone mass stops increasing, and the goal for bone health is to keep as much bone as possible for as long as you can. As people enter their 40s and 50s, more bone may be broken down than is replaced.

A close look at the inside of bone shows something like a honeycomb. When you have osteoporosis, the spaces in this honeycomb grow larger, and the bone that forms the honeycomb gets smaller. The outer shell of your bones also gets thinner. All of this makes your bones weaker.

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4 Ways To Make Fitness Fun For The Whole Family

Sara Hall, one of America’s premier distance runners,  the 2012 US National Cross Country Champion and a Gold Medalist at the Pan American Games in the steeplechase, and who has also represented the US at three World Indoor Track and Field Championships as well as a World Cross Country Championship wrote for FitBit  that as professional athletes, physical fitness has become a lifestyle for Ryan and me. But having recently become a mom, I had to rethink the best way to impart my love for physical challenges and a healthy lifestyle to my kids. We adopted our four daughters from Ethiopia after they’d spent three very inactive years in an orphanage. We knew we needed to get them started with physical activity for their own health, but we also wanted to find the right balance; we wanted them to grow to love fitness, not get burnt out and resent it. It’s been a journey, but we’ve managed to find a sound middle ground as a family. Here are some lessons I’ve learned along the way:

1. Lead By Example
Kids naturally want to try things they see their parents doing, so the greatest thing you can do to get your kids involved in fitness is do it yourself. Soon after bringing my kids home from Ethiopia, they were curious to see all my different self-massage and stretching tools and try them out. They approached them with the same fun and curiosity kids bring to toys.   Read more

Come and Meet Andre Dawson

Donate and Dine!

Visit Culver’s of Lombard,  at 1155 S. Main St. on MONDAY, MAY 21, from 4 – 8 pm and a percentage of group sales will be donated to
TRINITY CHRISTIAN NURSERY SCHOOL in Villa Park to help in the purchase of new indoor play equipment for preschoolers.

As an added bonus, Culvers have partnered with The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center and its brand-new BABY OTTER ANDRE DAWSON AQUATIC CENTER, that provides a one-of-a-kind water safety & swimming program for children as young as eight months old.



FROM 5 – 7 pm
(no autographs will be signed)

Please use this link to download the attached filer and bring

it with you in order for the school to receive credit.


Food Allergy Awareness Week

The iconic Empire State Building will be lit in teal this Sunday night, May 13, to kick off Food Allergy Awareness Week, an initiative founded by the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network — now Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) — to raise awareness about the severity of food allergy and anaphylaxis.

This is the third time that the Empire State Building is lighting up teal for Food Allergy Awareness Week. As millions of New Yorkers and tourists look up from the streets on May 13, they will be greeted with the sight of the Empire State Building shining in the signature color of food allergies. This represents an incredible opportunity to showcase the importance of food allergy awareness and help others understand the seriousness of this disease nationwide. If you are in the New York City area on May 13, be sure to take a picture and share on social media with the hashtag #FoodAllergyWeek! Read more

The 1 Thing Happy People Do Every Day

 wrote for POPSUGAR that growing up with a mother as a counselor definitely had its perks: she was incredibly patient, a supportive listener, and always gave the best advice. Even though my mom is retired, she continues to help others by sharing her years of wisdom on what it takes to be truly happy. She’s told me time and time again that while material goods might make me happy in the moment, that feeling is fleeting. I’ve learned people who are the happiest don’t have the most money or aren’t the most attractive, but they all share one thing in common:

Happy people practice gratitude every day.

While this may seem simple enough, our minds tend to focus on what we’re missing out on instead of being grateful for everything we already have. Our generation has it even harder because we are living in a social world where we are constantly connected. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough when everyone on your social feed appears to be doing cooler things than you.

Good news: there are ways to practice gratitude each day to live your best life. Here’s how. Read more