Nonsurgical knee pain relief available locally

Dr Gregory Castello, a Board Certified physician for over 20 years, now offers an FDA approved, safe, effective, non surgical treatment in his new Joliet location. It utilizes a Hyaluronic acid gel lubricant injected into the knee that replaces the natural lubrication that is lost in the knee as we age.

This has been known as rooster comb injections, because the Hyaluronic acid gel also can be found in rooster combs, and makes up the ingredient in Hyalgen injections. Synthetic versions of this also exist for injection.

The procedure is done by Dr Castello, right in the office. He utilizes xray equipment to direct the injection safely into the knee joint space. The patient experiences immediate pain relief, and leaves the office feeling better.

In the United States, there are 70,000 knee replacements performed every year. The average cost of a knee replacement is $49,500. Dr Castello reminds us that 2% of surgeries have serious complications and 1 in 400 people die in the first 30 days of surgery from complications. About 5-10% of people are not happy with their knee replacement. Over 100,000 people are hospilized from bleeding due to NSAID pain medications like Ibuprofen and 15,000 a year die from chronic NSAID use

The treatments are covered by Medicare and most commercial insurances. Dr Castellos office is offering a free evaluation and xrays, and is happy to answer your questions during your consultation. His office has been in Lombard for 20 years at 2340 S Highland Ave, #370, across from Yorktown. Call 630.620.9500 to set up your free consultation.

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