All or Nothing Holiday Healthy Eating

Nancy Nance, Healthy Lombard Board Member and Certified Personal Trainer, Women and Fitness Specialist shared that at this time of year, she starts to hear people say they plan to wait until the beginning of the year to start eating better and starting an exercise program.

While she understands it’s a busy time of year and there are a lot of special foods that we eat this time of year, you have to wonder,  we really need to wait to start a healthier lifestyle? No, and here are some reasons why.

We still have several weeks before the end of the year and great progress can be made in those few weeks. You will be 85% more successful if you start now and not wait until the new year. The average American gains 7-9 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s. You can avoid that weight gain and go into the new year with a head start on your resolutions.

You can navigate the holidays and still eat well. Plan healthy meals, knowing that there will be days that you will be tempted with holiday cookies or special meals. If you can eat healthy most of the time, you can indulge on those special occasions.

Set your intention to head into the holidays without guilt, eat healthy most of time, and enjoy your holiday meals. Don’t overdo it, eat in moderation and decide how you want to use those calories. Has a dessert ever looked so good, but didn’t taste as good as it looked? Don’t feel pressured to finish it. If you are going to eat the calories, make sure it tastes amazing.

Light exercise can help reduce the stress of the season, along with keeping the weight down. Walking is a great option.


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