5 Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

Jennifer Dawson, the Content Manager for a small health and wellness site, shared with Healthy Lombard that coffee remains as America’s favorite beverage. According to a poll, about 83% of American adults are coffee drinkers, consuming an average of three cups a day per person. Indeed, people all over the nation are investing in sophisticated coffee machines to replicate the experience that one can get in any of the coffee shops in the country. For decades, there have been conflicting findings on whether drinking coffee can be beneficial to one’s health. While it’s true that drinking massive amounts of caffeine can have adverse effects on your health and body, there are ways to make your favorite beverage healthier and better for you. Here are 5 simple ways to make your coffee healthier.

Try sparkling coffee

This is a great alternative to your coffee that doesn’t require a coffee maker. To make sparkling coffee or Aqua Java, combine organic coffee, a bit of cane sugar and erythritol (sugar alcohol) in a glass jar or a mason jar. Not only does it have only 20 calories per serving, but it also has less caffeine than ordinary coffee.

Use stevia instead of sugar

Do you take your coffee with sugar? Too much sugar not only wreaks havoc with your blood sugar levels, but it can also cause obesity and certain skin conditions. Instead of sugar, try adding stevia to your cup of joe. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has no calories and it can aid in weight loss and lower blood pressure.

Skip the artificial creamer

Artificial creamer can make your coffee taste great, but it contains lots of extra calories. Instead of powdered creamers, make your coffee healthier by adding rice milk or almond milk to your coffee. Even whole milk is more nutritious than artificial creamer, so skip it the next time you prepare your beverage. If you want to do away with dairy altogether, then add a few drops of pure vanilla extra to your pot for a special, low-calorie drink.

Add a bit of cardamom instead of chocolate syrup

Before loading your afternoon cup of coffee with chocolate syrup, you might want to put down the bottle and add a pinch of cardamom instead. This spice neutralizes the stimulating effects of caffeine so you won’t be lying in bed awake for hours after consuming your afternoon drink. It also gives your coffee an exotic and spicy taste similar to that of ginger.

Try a bit of hazelnut oil

If you love the taste of hazelnuts, then you’ll appreciate how it can give your coffee a rich, nutty taste. Adding a bit of hazelnut oil makes your coffee healthier as this oil contains Vitamin E, which can reduce the risk of heart disease. Moreover, this vitamin can also protect the skin from premature aging.

You don’t have to give up your favorite beverage to stay healthy. Keep it to two cups a day, prepare reasonable amounts of coffee (don’t use a big mug!) and try any of these tips for a healthier you.

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