The National Healthy Schools Collaborative’s Ten-Year Roadmap 

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) shared that the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear how connected health and learning are. We cannot return to the pre-pandemic status quo which left millions of children and adults in unhealthy schools. AFHK has teamed up with dozens of amazing health and education organizations as part of the National Healthy Schools Collaborative to strengthen our school systems.

The National Healthy Schools Collaborative’s Ten-Year Roadmap directly addresses the child health crisis currently facing our country by offering a comprehensive blueprint to create healthy schools over the next decade with hundreds of opportunities to take action at the federal, state, and local levels.

Like AFHK, it recognizes and advances the mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being of students and school staff as a fundamental strategy for effective teaching and learning.

    Informed by the real experiences of students, educators, caregivers, and nonprofit organizations as well as successful policy experiments around the country, the roadmap offers a bold and practical path forward. This is not just another report telling people in schools what they need to do. This is the beginning of a movement to build and sustain healthy school communities with real resources to get involved:
    • If you are a district or school,  take AFHK’s 3-minute School Health Survey to assess your school and commit to making sustainable change.
    • If you are an education or health organization consider applying to become part of the NHSC to implement opportunities in the roadmap.
    • If you are a family member, interested community member, or student advocate for Healthy Schools. You can find how to get started on the NHSC Take Action page.
    We are excited to share this news, and we hope you will join us in advancing the mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being of our schools.
  • Read The NHSC Ten-Year Roadmap on the web:
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