The Best Hearing Aids of 2022 

“Purchasing a hearing aid online can be a viable and convenient option for all patients, especially those that have limited access to transportation, live in remote locations, or simply struggle to find the time to make in-person appointments,” says Dr. Mandi Chambless, a licensed Audiologist who spent a decade of her career working with a top hearing aid manufacturer.

“That being said, it is imperative for consumers to work with a provider that offers safe, properly fit amplification. Consumer education is of utmost importance to not only protect the buyer from poorly programmed devices that could lead to more hearing loss but also to reduce the economic strain that can be a direct result of purchasing a product that is not appropriate for the user.”

It can be nerve-racking to make an important purchase online, especially when it’s a medical device like a hearing aid. That’s why we partnered with two expert audiologists to score the safety of each brand on this page, so you can feel confident that any hearing aid brand you choose (whether direct-to-consumer or in-person) offers safe, high-quality care.  

In the link below you’ll find our audiologists’ safety scores and our reviews of the best hearing aids, information on the cost of hearing aids and financial assistance options, how to choose a hearing aid, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Click here for the full guide.

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