The Benefits of Broccoli 

shared in his blog that If there were such a thing as a “superfood,” cruciferous vegetables like broccoli would certainly be wearing the cape. Along with kale, collards, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, and many others in that vegetable family, crucifers contain a relatively unique class of phytonutrients that can potentially help prevent DNA damage, metastatic cancer spread, and lymphoma; activate defenses against pathogens and pollutants; boost your liver detox enzymes; target breast cancer stem cells; and reduce the risk of prostate cancer progression. That’s why Dr. Greger included cruciferous veggies in his Daily Dozen healthiest-of-healthy-foods checklist.

For more information and all of his videos on broccoli, check out the topic page. 

If you’ve found yourself with a sudden hankering for broccoli, try this recipe from Ángela, their Spanish Social Media and Program Coordinator. With broccoli, beans, whole grains, and homemade salsa, her recipe will check off several of your Daily Dozen boxes for the day. Get the free recipe here, and watch a video on how it’s made on our Instagram.


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