8 ways to escape your workout comfort zone and make exercising fun 

Jocelyn Ocon, a fitness specialist, and personal trainer wrote for EE Health’s Healthy Drive blog that most of us know that exercising promotes good health, but when your workout routine gets boring or repetitive — or when you simply don’t enjoy exercising — it can keep you from being active. When mundane exercises become a deterrent to working out, it’s time to switch up your fitness routine.

Here are 8 ways to escape your workout comfort zone and make exercising fun:

  1. Dance your heart out – Join a dance exercise class at your local gym or blast your favorite tunes in your living room. You’ll be having fun while being active. If you are working out at home, set a 20 or 30-minute timer and get moving!
  2. Find an interesting group class – Join a fitness class. It’s a great way to switch up your usual routine and make working out more entertaining. When you join a group fitness class, you can meet others with similar interests and find some moral support for your fitness journey.
  3. Get your steps in while walking the dog – Our furry friends need their own exercise and stimulation. Going for a walk alone can often seem like a chore. Set up a “meet up” with friends and their pets to bring more joy to the activity. By including others, you’ll also have people to hold you accountable in your fitness journey.
  4. Hike in your local area – Take some time and reconnect with nature. Go for a hike in a local scenic area and enjoy both the physical and mental health benefits that come with it.
  5. Join a recreational sports league – Maybe you’re a little more competitive. Join a local recreational league to fuel your competitive spirit and get lots of valuable exercise time. Options can be something more up-tempo like a full-court basketball league or maybe a slightly more reserved option like pickleball (no less competitive of course!).
  6. Take your bike out for a spin – Dust off the bike that’s been sitting in your garage and ride around your neighborhood, through a local forest preserve or even to run a quick errand.
  7. Spend time with your kids or grandkids on the playground – While kids can often keep you from hitting the gym, you can still exercise when spending time with the little ones. Take the kids to the park and join in the fun. Playing tag has great cardiovascular benefits and lifting your kids up on the monkey bars are great ways to strengthen your body unconventionally.
  8. Try morning yoga – Switch up the time of day you exercise. Even if you have only 10 minutes of free time, you can incorporate a short yoga flow into your schedule. Search on YouTube to find a quick and easy yoga routine to jumpstart your morning.

Need help with making your exercise routine more enjoyable? A fitness specialist can help you develop a fitness program that works for you.

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  1. fitness and nutrition coach says:

    I really like your blog. I love the variety of exercises that you have suggested. These are easy and fun ways of exercise that will definitely keep more people motivated to workout. The advice in this article is excellent, and I can’t wait to try them!

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