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The mission of the Healthy Lombard Foundation is to address the epidemic of childhood obesity and promote a healthier lifestyle. With that mission in mind, Healthy Lombard will again sponsor Flat Apple Fitness to incentivize kids to stay active during the summer months outside of school.  This program is open to ALL KIDS  ages preschool through high school.  They DO NOT need to be a resident of Lombard.

This year we will again include “Mindfulness Mondays” to promote social-emotional learning (SEL), “Wellness Wednesdays” to encourage physical activity, and “Foodie Fridays” to promote healthy eating and cooking in addition to encouraging physical activities focusing on physical well-being.

Each week registered participants will receive a short newsletter from Healthy Lombard detailing the various opportunities to earn “tickets.” Registered participants can log their “tickets” throughout the duration of the program by completing the tracker provided by Healthy Lombard. At the end of the summer, participants will use their tickets for eligibility to win a variety of prizes.

The 2022 program runs from June 19 to July 31. Prize winners are typically contacted in September.

TO REGISTER YOUR CHILD, please visit and select Flat Apple 2022 under the Quick Clicks Column on the right-hand side of the page. This link will take you to the registration site. There is no fee to register.  Children must be registered by an adult to participate in the program.


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