4 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors into Your Block

Madison Smith asks, “Have you ever been the new kid on the block or have moved into a completely new neighborhood where you don’t know anyone?” On top of organizing a new home, fitting into a new lifestyle and socializing with your neighbors can be overwhelming. 

Offering new neighbors a welcoming introduction to the neighborhood can make a world of difference when it comes to feeling accepted and supported in your new neighborhood. A simple act of kindness can make your new neighbors feel at home. 

Here are a few warm and friendly gestures that you can do to make new neighbors or tenants feel welcome in your neighborhood. Who knows, maybe this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! 

Introduce Yourself 

While introducing yourself to your new neighbors is very important, make sure that this interaction is somewhat brief. Your new neighbor probably has a ton of new chores and maintenance to do around their home. 

On the second day after the move, feel free to dig deeper into your interaction and strengthen your connection. Starting with a simple smile and wave and later conversation won’t overwhelm your neighbor. 

If you are looking to introduce yourself to your new neighbors without overstepping or making them feel like they have to take time out of their busy day to socialize, download this welcome tag to hang on their door. Whenever they have a moment to reach out, this welcome tag will encourage them to come to say hello. 

Recommend Local Services

If you are moving to a new place, wouldn’t you want to know about the best local attractions, groups, and services? Sharing these local town staples with your new neighbor makes them in the know with their new community. They will also look at you as a trusted resource.

Here are some examples of information to share with your neighbors to make their needs feel supported with resources in your area:

  • Local utilities and services: trusted representatives from lawn care companies, babysitters, car repair shops, dentists, and doctor’s offices will help your neighbor make necessary appointments.
  • Local organizations: inviting your new neighbors to join fun social groups to get involved with the community will let them feel accepted in their town.
  • Local tourist attractions: whether there is an upcoming block party, a great new restaurant, or popular parks for your new neighbor to enjoy, share these attractions with your neighbor to give them the best experience in the new area!

While all of this information may be helpful, it can also be hard to remember at first. Offer your neighbor this neighborhood cheat sheet that they can refer to when seeking local advice or direction.

Give Housewarming Gifts

Whether you give your neighbors a big plate of your homemade oatmeal raisin cookies or a flower bouquet, there are a ton of creative ways to welcome your neighbors. You can even give the basket a fun theme and pair it with the neighborhood cheat sheet!

There’s no better way to make guests feel at home than to give a gift or two. Here are a few basket ideas that your neighbors will love:

  • A cleaning kit with helpful house products
  • A self-care kit for neighbors who may be stressed or overwhelmed from the big move
  • A food-themed basket, complete with local produce and yummy snacks
  • A wine and cheese basket with charcuterie items to make a beautiful cheese board 

Offer a Houseplant Pet

Plants can make a home feel a bit cozier and give your new neighbor a small responsibility to look forward to every day. Plants or flowers can liven up any room. What neighbor wouldn’t love cute succulents by their sunny window for all to enjoy?

When giving your neighbor a new houseplant, include a plant care tag to help your neighbor keep tabs on their new house pet! Your neighbor can watch their new plant grow taller as they grow accustomed to their new neighborhood thanks to your help!

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