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108 Smile Quotes To Make Life Brighter

Portrait of happy family looking at cameraSince we share tips to improve positivity and boost mental health, Lydia from thought our readers might enjoy these 108 smile quotes to brighten your day.

Did you know that smiles have been shown to have wide-ranging health benefits, from releasing happy hormones to reducing blood pressure?

There’s a special kind of magic behind a smile. No matter if it’s one that spreads across your face when you see someone you love or one that’s shared with a stranger passing on the street, a smile has an uncanny ability to brighten our spirits and turn a bad day around — not to mention the numerous health benefits of flashing a grin.

After all, we put a lot of work into making our smiles stand out, so we should do ourselves (and others!) a favor and share our smiles as much as possible.

When you need a little smile inspiration, it’s easy to find joy in smile quotes from those who are just as great at crafting their words as they are at sharing a toothy grin.

Whether you’re having a bad day or are looking for a quote to brighten someone else’s day, this link provides 108 smile quotes to do just that.

They also created downloadable phone wallpapers to remind you of the importance of sharing your smile with others.


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