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Coping with Stress

College of DuPage Nursing Student Al Adawi shared with Healthy Lombard that life can be stressful at times but learning how to cope with stress can be even harder. With this pandemic recently taking place, we have been forced to adjust to many new lifestyle changes, including not being able to socialize the way we used to. This can make a person feel isolated and that alone feeling can be very stressful. Stress can lead to serious and major health problems and prolonged chronic stressful situations may contribute to stress-related disorders. Being able to recognize and use coping strategies is critical to an individual’s well-being.

In an attempt to illuminate causes of stress, it is important to understand that many stress-related disorders such as eczema, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety disorders, IBS, and tension headaches we battle with on a daily basis without realizing they are due to stress.  Stress has been considered a silent killer and may be due to such contributing factors as family, work, school, or environmental stressors.

Coping is how an individual perceives and responds to stress. Effective methods to relieve stress include using aromatherapy, performing yoga, doing meditation, or deep breathing exercises. The first and most important step is to assert yourself; rather than focus on pleasing others, it is essential to say no on occasion and make time for yourself. Aerobic exercise facilitates the release of natural endorphins which improve mood and result in one feeling better. Other ways to reduce stress in addition to taking time for yourself is effective time management and establishing priorities.

It is important to have social support, also, from those who we care about. Seeking help through counseling or spiritual guidance may provide support as everyone has a different capacity to handle stress. By implementing these coping methods into one’s lifestyle, positive habits will develop to facilitate a better quality of life for stress-free living on a long-term basis.




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