10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to De-Stress and Save Money

Kayla Montgomery, Content Marketing Specialist, shared with Healthy Lombard that there are many pros to becoming a minimalist. You could consistently keep things clean without much effort, cut your budget, and manage your stress. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by things that clutter your workspace, life, and just about everything else, you’re able to focus on things and relationships that serve you. 

Even though minimalism sounds rather simple, there are roadblocks that may trip you along the way. Keep reading to see Mint’s favorite tips for achieving stress-free minimalism habits.

1.  Shop Quality

Rather than investing in fast fashion, find things that’ll serve for your years to come. You could find a bargain deal on a t-shirt, but it may not last you more than a year. Invest in things that’ll last you a lifetime, and that you’ll never get bored of. 

2.  Digitize Everything

If you’re a big book reader, consider getting a Kindle over purchasing books every week. Not only could you be saving some trees, but you’re also able to have all your favorite reads in one place. 

3.  Eliminate What You Can

Less is more in — practice it. Go through different parts of your living area to ensure everything you have serves a purpose. If it doesn’t serve you and your loved ones anymore, get rid of it! 

4.  Invest in the Good Stuff

Now that you may have a little more space in your budget, make sure you put money where you want it. Consider growing your financial portfolio by investing, growing your money, and purchasing things that have a strong impact on your life. 

5.  Have a Place for Everything

Get into your organizational groove. Purchase some new bins and hooks that will last you years to come. Get rid of all your clutter to free up your area and consistently keep it clean. 

6.  Invest in Experiences

While you’re reaching your goals, you should always treat yourself! Instead of holding back your extra cash, invest in memories that’ll last a lifetime. Instead of going out to a fancy dinner, go on a weekend hike with your loved ones.

7.  Re-Organize Frequently 

Things can get messy, and rather quickly. Set a reminder on your calendar to re-evaluate your life. Check in to see what may not be serving you anymore, and what new things could serve you better. The more comfortable you get, the better you’ll get at minimalism! 

8.  Cut Useless Expenses

Like most of us, you may have a large entertainment and takeout food budget. Now that you may not be spending as much money on the “extra” things, re-adjust your budget. Contribute more to your savings or debt repayments

9.  Let Things Go 

Try to disassociate your emotional attachment to things. You may have clothes in your closet that you’ve had for years, yet you just aren’t able to say goodbye. Know that your memories aren’t hidden in materials and get rid of any guilt when getting rid of useless items. 

10.  Practice Gratitude 

And always, practice gratitude. Every morning, write out five things you’re thankful for. That could be your morning coffee or your favorite work set up. 


Photos by Roman Bozhko    and

Max van den Oetelaar


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