Pros and Cons of Herbal Medicine

Polly Tlg has always been interested in holistic and alternative ways of healing. Ayurveda and yoga are the best medicines for her. She believes that nature is the best source of human health and shared with Healthy Lombard that because of the high cost of doctors and medicine, numerous people turn to herbs and supplements to help stave off sickness and stay healthy. The medicinal use of herbs and plants isn’t new and can be traced to ancient times. But do they actually help? Are herbal supplements detrimental to your health? What are the pros and cons of herbal medicine? In this article, she will explore the benefits and downsides of this type of alternative medicine, a brief history of the ancient traditions to learn more about how plants and herbs are seen and used, and how our perspective of herbal medicine has changed over time.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Diving in, herbal medicine is an umbrella term used to describe a plethora of medical philosophies that use plant-based remedies to fight sickness. In this article, we will focus on three of them: Chinese Herbalism, Western Herbalism, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Modern medicine can be considered herbal medicine in the broad sense of the word since many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants and herbs. However, the main difference between synthetic medicine and herbal medicine is that the latter isn’t created in a lab.

Herbal medicine uses raw plant material to treat varying ailments like high blood pressure, inflammation, erectile dysfunction, and more. In recent times, doctors seem to have caught on to the benefits of herbal supplements to help people with minor ailments. In some cases, traditional doctors may suggest patients use certain supplements or herbs in lieu of strong prescription medication.

Types of Herbal Medicine

There are three major schools of herbalism: Chinese, Ayurveda, and Western Herbalism. Each branch brings its own unique perspective on how herbs should be utilized. Each branch has its own philosophy which describes how the body works and how to keep it healthy. Although some of the philosophical teachings may be opaque and mystical, they all have one thing in common: they believe herbs can help treat sickness. Let’s dig into each philosophy to see what each branch has to offer.

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