Stay Healthy This Cold & Flu Season

Med Express shared that the winter season can bring a wide array of sickness – everything from the common cold and flu to bronchitis and even pneumonia. The best way to fight these common bugs is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Healthy habits can help keep your immune system strong and resilient to fight colds before they even begin.

Follow these preventative tips to stay healthy:

  • Wash your hands – This simple activity goes a long way, especially in preventing illness in children. Wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap frequently throughout the day, especially after being in public places or before eating.
  • Teach proper sneezing etiquette – There is such a thing as a proper way to sneeze. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends teaching kids to sneeze into the nook of their elbow to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Eat well – A well-balanced diet filled with plant-based food, lean protein, and whole grains is one of the most important steps toward maintaining overall health.
  • Remember your flu shot – Getting your flu shot early is a good idea, as it can take two weeks for the body’s immune system to develop the antibodies to protect against the virus. It’s especially important for pregnant women and children to protect themselves. MedExpress offers flu shots* for children and patients ages four and up.

Even the best prevention plan can sometimes fall short. If you or your family does become ill, be sure to visit a health care professional to get you on the path to feeling better quickly. Common illnesses such as cold and strep throat as well as more severe illnesses such as influenza or tonsillitis can be attributed to fatigue, fever, congestion and body aches. With so many similar symptoms, a health care professional can help you determine what’s causing your sickness and the best option for treatment. Urgent care centers like MedExpress offer treatment options for unexpected illnesses.

After your visit, these tips can also help you feel better and provide relief for your symptoms at home.

  • Sip soup – The soothing tastes and smells of hot soup can help you relax and soothe a sore throat. Warm soup vapors may also help loosen clogged nasal passages.
  • Drink up – Water, fruit juices and electrolyte beverages can help make sure you’re getting the fluids you need. If you’re feeling nauseous, take small sips and don’t gulp. Hot tea is a great choice for soothing a sore throat.
  • Chill out – Plenty of rest helps support the body’s ability to fight infection. Make sure you’re giving your body the rest it needs to get better.
  • Gargle – For sore throats, gargling warm salt water can help relieve swollen, inflamed tissue in the throat.

*Ages 4 and older. While supplies last. Some restrictions apply.


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