College of DuPage Nursing Student Monika Buch poses the question, “Are you addicted to the internet?”

Social media addiction can be stronger than addiction to cigarettes and booze according to researchers at Chicago University after following an experiment in which they recorded the cravings of several hundred people for several weeks. In fact, Facebook addiction shows up in brain scans of those who can’t stay off the site, affecting grey matter in a similar way that cocaine does. Social media addiction is commonly referred to someone who spends way too much time than needed on their phones. Whether its facebook, instagram, google or twitter… they all fall into the internet/social media category.  Sometimes excessive use of these platforms affect someone so much they actually interfere with daily aspects of life. Even though there is not real diagnosis yet of internet addiction, it really is just the compulsion of having to go on the internet for whatever reason, even when it interferes with school or work.

If you would like to take the test to determine if you have an internet addiction, follow the site here:
If you find yourself spending too much time online, it is important to find time to unplug and find time to focus on your own self, instead of checking how many likes your selfie got. Disable the notifications, stop comparing your life to others on social media and take a walk outside without tweeting about it.

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