Thanks for participating in

Healthy Lombard’s Flat Apple Fitness 2021 Activity!



Because of Covid-19, winners will be receiving their prizes by Snal Mail.


Participation tickets were earned through the Flat Apple Activity Tracker Forms and through videos or selfies submitted to Healthy Lombard.

Below is a last name alphabetical list of the winners. 


To confirm that we have the correct mailing address, the winners were contacted by a separate, individualized email.

If the winner does not confirm notification by August 3, 2021, a new winning ticket will be selected by the Healthy Lombard Board President.


Thanks again for participating!

2021 Flat Apple Winners include:


Winner                                                            Prize


Reid F.                                                            Chicago Fire Tickets

Ryder F.                                                          Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift  Card

Kelsey F.                                                         Oriental Trading Gift Card

Sydney F                                                         Art Class Gift Card

Tristan F                                                         Beanie Babies &  Personalized Photo Gift

Kiley G.                                                          Amazon Gift Card

Viyann J.                                                         iPad

Neil  J.                                                             COSTCO Gift cards

Anthony K                                                      Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift  Card

James K.                                                         Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift  Card

Kayli M.                                                          UVSkinz Git Card & Personalized Photo Gift

Scarlett  P.                                                      Best Buy Gift Card

Levi  P                                                            Best Buy Gift Card

Hannah R.                                                     Lombard Park District Gift Card

Natalie R.                                                       Lombard Park District Gift Card

Brooklyn S.                                                    Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift  Card

Calvin S.                                                         Sport Shoes Gift Card

Maria T.                                                          Lombard Park District Gift Card

Despina T.                                                      Lombard Park District Gift Card

Ryker T.                                                          Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Annelies T.                                                     Headphones & Personalized Photo Gift

Luna Ivy V.                                                     Beanie Babies & Personalized Photo Gift

Ravyn V.                                                         Amazon Gift Card

Scarlett V.                                                       Amazon Gift Card