5 Tips to Help Picky Eaters Get the Nutrients They Need

Sierra Powell asks, “Is your child having trouble eating and only wants one or a specific type of food?”

That is common, especially for kids that are teething or those that have a medical condition. You, as the parent, are trying everything from introducing the child into a diet, and nothing seems to work? No need to worry, as the article below will give you five tricks you need to help your picky eater get all the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

Respect your Child’s Appetite

If you notice that your child is not hungry, don’t force them to have a snack or a meal. Parents tend to bribe their children to have food in exchange to have some TV time. Bribing will only frustrate your child and create anxiety when the child realizes it is time to eat.

The other way you can respect the kid’s appetite is by serving him/her small portions of food, and when done, they will have the independence to ask for more.

Make Dinner Time Fun

Mealtime does not need to be dull or full of tears. As a parent, you can spice up dinner to accommodate everything. If you offer juice during dinner time, you can switch it and offer it during breakfast. Instead of tea, you can offer milk, so your child gets all the nutrients they need. In between meals, offer water to ease their digestion.

When making dinner, you might ask the child to help chop the onions or cut the broccoli. The child can also help in stirring the pot if they are of the right age. The process will make them crave eating the food they have cooked for themselves.

Introduce Multivitamins

Introducing the best multivitamins for kids is one way of helping fill in the nutritional gaps your picky eater may need. You can get all types of multivitamins from local supermarkets or ask a doctor about the best vitamins to use.

Multivitamin is made to boost immunity, preventing diseases such as colds and flues, and help to give children the nutrients they need to grow. While vitamins will dramatically help your child receive the nutrients they need, it’s important to still try and get your child to eat foods high in nutrients as well.

Ask Your Child for Help

When doing grocery shopping, take your child along. Make the child choose the type of groceries he/she will enjoy eating. Help your child learn of the nutrients each vegetable, fruit, and other foods contain. The process will make the child anxious to taste the foods that they have assisted in selecting.

After you are done with grocery shopping at home, ask your child to assist you with rinsing the groceries and storing them in the fridge. Request them to set the table for you as this will make eating so much easy.

Take Your Time when Introducing New Foods

Eating the same kind of food can be tedious and not fun to eat. As a parent, you are responsible for introducing new foods to your child’s diet if you notice that they are bored with the regular food.

Take your time and study how your baby responds to the food. Do they like or hate the dish? If the baby likes the dish, try cooking it often but if they don’t like the food, try cooking it once until they start liking the dish.

If your child is of age, you can try explaining to him/her the benefits the new dish has to their body. By doing, so the child will eat the dish not because they like it but because of the healthy benefits.

These are some tips you as a parent can use to ensure your picky eater gets the nutrients they need for better growth.


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