Make the most of your telehealth visit

The National Institute on Aging shared that many doctor’s offices are switching to telehealth appointments because of coronavirus concerns. Telehealth appointments may take place over the phone or via a video conferencing service. Here are some tips to make the most out of these appointments:

  • Make a list of your concerns and prioritize them. Talk about the most important points first—don’t put off what’s really on your mind! If you don’t get through all of your concerns, you may need to ask to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Minimize technical difficulties. Ask a friend or family member to help you download any apps and test your microphone and camera to make sure they are working. Make sure your speakers are up loud enough for you to hear well.
  • Keep your doctor up to date. Let them know about any hospital or specialist visits you’ve had since your last visit. Also mention any changes you’ve noticed in your appetite, weight, sleep or energy levels.

Visit their website to learn more about how to prepare for a doctor’s appointment.

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