Congratulations to our Health Heros

The Healthy Lombard Foundation would like to congratulate the four winners of their 2017 Health Hero Awards. The winners receive their awards at the 2017 Healthy Lombard Fitness February Fair that was held at the Yorktown Center Mall on February 25.

The two winners in the individual category were Debbie Durrbeck and Robert Plucinsky.

In 2016, Debbie Durrbeck of Warrenville, IL, had several things happening at once: stressful job, health issues, and being told by her doctor that if she didn’t make major changes she wouldn’t see her grandson grow up. Debbie decided to live a healthier life, started the Shaklee 180 program, and began to exercise. She is down 15 pounds, feels great and is looking forward to continuing her journey into wellness.

The other winner, Robert Plucinsky of Roselle, was chosen because every Thursday, a room filled with faithful exercise/health enthusiasts welcome Bob at the Bloomingdale Senior Center. I turn, Bob, greets everyone with a prepared lesson plan for the day, and as a veteran teacher for class. Bob confidently spreads new-age medical advice for the seniors. Some of these topics include “How to avoid heart disease”, “The cause and effects of stress”, and “Foods that can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease”.  Reading from a yellow note pad, and ad-libbing relevant and personal anecdotes, Bob always works up a room full of smiles. After engaging his audience verbally, Bob then leads the pack into a series of stretches, balances, and other techniques used to better the mind, body, and soul. Bob has been volunteering as a Tai-Chi Instructor at the Bloomingdale Township Senior Center for over 12 years. Bob is a leading example on how to cherish our bodies, detox our minds, and live a rewarding life.

The winner the business category was the Main Street Café, located at 2 W St. Charles, Lombard, IL. Owner Debbie Hosabalis has taken many steps to offer a location that has a welcoming atmosphere as well as reasonably priced yet delicious menu items. This past year she went one step further and became the second restaurant in Lombard to allow a nutritionist associated with the Healthy Lombard Foundation, to review their offerings and then implemented suggested changes. This resulted in he Main Street Café devoting a full page in their newly printed menu to breakfast and lunch items that fit in any diet plan By featuring the Healthy Lombard logo in this prominent way, the Main Street Café is announcing to all that this establishment is committed to the concept of helping make the healthy choice an easy choice.

The fourth winner bridged both the individual and business category. For the past three years, the mascot of the Chicago Red Stars Women’s Soccer Team, Supernova, has assisted in the presentation of the Healthy

Lombard Foundation’s Health Hero Awards for the past two years. This joyous and kid-friendly mascot adds much to the festive atmosphere of this event. Supernova also has spent time congratulating all the raffle winners and having souvenir photo taken with his followers for all ages. This year the Healthy Lombard Foundation choose Supernova to be a Health Hero not only because his actions have inspired others to live a healthier lifestyle, but also because of his involvement in the game of soccer AND because he now has a slimmer profile. Supernova is walking the walk and leading by example.


Healthy Lombard, a 501(c) 3 Foundation, whose mission is to help find solutions to the problem of childhood obesity and promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone, is proud to present all those listed above with 2016 Health Hero Awards.

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