5 Healthy Flour Substitutes Vegans Need To Know About


Joshua Howard, shares articles about an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle on his site, EcoLifeMaster! Recently he shared with Healthy Lombard that white flour is made from milled wheat with the germ and the bran eliminated so there is only the starchy center of the grain.

White wheat flour is a very popular ingredient of today’s cooking industry. Unfortunately, it isn’t good for our health, it has low natural minerals and vitamin content. The energy it gives comes to the end very quickly, but nut effectively. White flour is rich in carbohydrates (76 %), and calories (358 Calories per 100 g).

White refined flour may cause some health problems:

  • Higher blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and higher cholesterol
  • Inflammatory diseases like arthritis
  • Cancers
  • Suppression of the immune system
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Fatigue, anxiety, hypoglycemia, depression, and other health issues

If you are interested in healthy gluten-free recipe ideas, you’ve probably seen mentions of “alternative” flours. Coconut, almond, and quinoa are just a few kinds of flours health food fans have been using.

The author of Living a Real Life With Real Food Beth Warren ensures that refined flour has no nutritional value benefits and healthier alternatives are a great way to get various nutrients. Moreover, healthy flour substitute is perfect for people with some food allergies or intolerances.

Besides alternative flours that are gluten-free, they have many benefits. There are many types of flour that can replace refined wheat flour. Here are the most popular.

Almond Flour

As you can guess, it is made of almonds that are ground to floury texture. It contains more healthy fats, protein, and vitamin E than refined white flour. It also supplies your body with a greater amount of fiber. (this sort of almond flour contains 6 gr of protein and 3 g  of fiber per 0.25 cup.)

Almond flour can be used to cook veggie burgers and falafel and instead of breadcrumbs or as an alternative to white flour in dense baked meals like brownies. Some people are against using almond flour its price is high and too many omega-6s in it can be harmful. But if you use it moderately, your health will be fine.

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