How Much Sleep Do Babies, Toddlers and Kids Need?

Parent Wish List shared with Healthy Lombard that parenting is an amalgamation of countless challenging tasks. This unpaid job also requires you to monitor your child’s healthy sleep routine. Perhaps, you do know that your child’s sleep time will consequently affect your sleep schedule and sleep duration. Because even during your sleep, your worst nightmare is waking up to your toddler crying and not being asleep at a decent hour.

Why Should Parents Emphasize More On A Consistent Bedtime?

Did you know an Australian experimented conducted on school-going children concluded that children who have a variable bedtime with a 60-minute difference were twice as likely to exhibit a more hyperactive behavior and had difficulty in controlling emotions? And children who had a two-hour difference in bedtime were 6 times more temperamental! So your child’s varying bedtime can only aggravate his behavior over time.

What Do You Think Bedtime Should Be Exactly?

Do not worry parents! We have all the necessary information you need to structure the perfect sleep schedule for your child which will give uninterrupted time to mothers to watch cooking and television shows and ample time to fathers to not miss out on sports updates!

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