Healthy Ways to Combat Caregiver Exhaustion

College of DuPage Nursing Student Silvia Fernandez wrote for Healthy Lombard that it is no secret that anyone who is a caregiver is someone who commits lots of energy to their work. They are selfless of their time, compassion, and caring. A caregiver, time and time again, put so much focus on their client that they are often negligent to themselves.

Unfortunately, the caregiver may eventually experience “caregiver exhaustion”; feeling depleted with symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, or frustration. For those who experience these symptoms, it is time to take a step back and reenergize by taking time for stress relieving activities.

Engage in;

  • Taking part in a favorite hobby (e.g. gardening, painting, reading, nature walks)
  • Meditation
  • Physical exercise or fitness class
  • Journaling
  • Talking to a loved one
  • Sharing experiences with colleagues
  • Taking a break to catch up on rest

…are only a few of the ways you can relax and improve physical health at the same time. Self-care is essential to be able to care for others on an ongoing basis


Mendes, A. (2017). How to address compassion fatigue in the community nurse. British Journal of

Community Nursing22(9), 458–459.



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