Does Poor Posture Make You Unattractive?



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Ashley Evans, the Community Outreach Assistant at West Suburban Wellness would like to ask you to answer this:  “From the above picture, which person would you say is more attractive; the guy on the left or the guy on the right? 99% of people would agree that the guy on the right is more attractive. Now, what does posture have to do with attractiveness? A lot actually. Posture affects FOUR major characteristics of a person.

Their Health
How They Feel
How They Communicate
And Their Appearance

-Health. Too often we see back pain caused by poor posture from spending time hunched over smartphones and keyboards. Practicing good posture engages your core muscles, opening up your diaphragm to help you breathe better and aid in digestion.

-Feel. Slouching not only makes you look tired but it also makes you feel sluggish, fearful and self-conscious. Straightening up and maintaining good posture can actually help increase energy, productivity, and even reduce stress.

-Communication. Poor posture communicates to those around you that you may be bored, fearful, or self-conscious. Simply pulling your shoulders back, chin up and back straight communicates confidence, presence, and openness, and helps you own the room.

-Appearance. Besides the obvious hunchback syndrome, slouching can make you look unhealthy, unattractive, and even a couple pounds heavier. Holding yourself upright and in good posture can help you look younger, more vibrant and attractive.

Posture is more than simply standing straight or keeping your shoulders pulled back. It is about the balance of your body as a whole. The best path to improved posture is by strengthening your body’s alignment while moving and sitting.

Are you familiar with the phrase “Sitting is the new Smoking”? Take a minute to let that sink in…The human body is not designed to be sitting in a folded over, cramped position for hours on end day after day. It is designed to walk, run and move. That is why it is important to be cognizant of the way you balance your body and muscles. Unused muscles begin to adapt and atrophy, therefore if you spend your life sitting slumped over a desk at work, your posture weakens.

You must actively counteract these bad habits in order to counteract the neck, shoulder, and back pain primarily caused by poor posture.

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