Healthy Back to School Snack and Lunch Ideas + Printables

Corey Doane shared with Healthy Lombard that now that most schools are back to in-person learning, that means back to packing your child’s school lunches! Packing your child healthy and yummy snacks and lunches is important to help fuel their minds and bodies throughout the school day. Making sure your child is eating nourishing food is also important to help support their immune system—something they really need with the transition back to in-person learning. 


If you’re looking for ideas for quick and easy healthy lunches and snacks that require little prep time, we’ve got you covered. The below printables include a grocery shopping list, so you don’t have to worry about putting one together, and a list of 12 healthy snack and lunch ideas you can pack this year. There’s even a coloring page for your kiddo to get involved and learn about healthy and nutritious foods. 

1. Grocery Shopping List

A healthy diet is the cornerstone of success. Whether getting your kids ready for the classroom or after-school activities, this list is full of nutritious foods their bodies will love. The list is broken down by category—veggies, fruits, fats, carbs, protein, and beverages—so you can easily make your way through the grocery store. 


Download the printable grocery list here

2. Lunch Combos and Snack Ideas 

Now that you’ve got all the food you need, use this sheet to help you pack your kiddo’s lunch. These lunch combos and snack ideas aren’t just nutritious—they’re delicious too! They even have fun names that can get your kids excited to eat their lunch. Feel free to mix up the options with other items from the grocery list based on what your kiddo prefers. 


Download the lunch and snack ideas here

3. Build Your Own Healthy Lunch 

It’s important for kids to be aware of what goes into a healthy meal. Get them involved in packing their school bag and lunch each day so they can understand what foods make up a well-balanced meal. Put their knowledge to the test and have them doodle what they think a healthy lunch looks like with this printable coloring page. It even comes with a key at the top to remind them to include all of the important foods for a balanced meal like protein, fruits veggies, and grains. 


Download the coloring page here


If you’re stumped on what to pack in your child’s lunch or just want some more quick, easy, and nutritious ideas, these printables are perfect for you. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Teaching our kids that food can be nutritious and delicious can lead to them developing healthy habits as they grow up.

Main Photo is by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

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