Getting Active Without the Gym

Kelli Gardener, a blogger at, a healthy lifestyle blog is on a mission to help people get active and incorporate exercise into their busy schedules. She knows it can be hard to make time for the gym som her site has set out to create the best resource on non-gym alternatives.

Healthy Lombard is happy to d help us spread the word about this in-depth, comprehensive guide on getting active because there are many reasons that it can be a drag on your regular routine to try to make it to the gym. Gym memberships are pricey, and our lives are busy. Gyms can for many be a source of intimidation, awkward social encounters, and routine exercises that may quickly become boring and monotonous.

On top of that, going to the gym takes time and often requires a commute. Working out at a gym has a certain outfit and hygiene requirement. Also, if your free time has the same open windows as the majority of people in your town or city, you could be facing a busy gym that has wait times for the equipment. Sure, there are other options that you can do while you wait, but isn’t it the equipment that you’re paying for when you sign up?

No-gym workouts can save you from wasting time and money. These workouts easily fit into a busy schedule, since you can do them at home or while traveling. They require very little setup or equipment, as well. This allows you to focus on the part of working out that really matters: moving your body in a way that promotes a healthy lifestyle and increases your physical abilities.

What are No-Gym Workouts?

No-gym workouts are a massive category of cardio, aerobic, and calisthenic exercises that allow for strength development and fat-burning outside of the gym. In most cases, you will be using your own body weight and gravity to build muscle and get your heart pumping. These workouts come in many varieties from yoga and pilates, to body-weight training, interval and circuit training, and outdoor exploration sports and activities.

No-gym workouts make the most of your time in order to make workout consistency more attainable. Additionally, many find these exercises outside of the gym to be more motivating than exercises done inside of the gym. This can make it easier to stick to your exercise routine.

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