Tips For Dealing With Loneliness When Living Alone

John Hawthorne,,  shared that living on your own can either be one of the most rewarding experiences or a living nightmare for some. It all depends on your personality type along with your life experiences that have molded you into the person you are. Spending hours or even days at a time not having a conversation with another person can be damaging to the soul. Depression worldwide is on the rise and one of the most common causes is loneliness. I have put together this article to try to help if you are finding life difficult living on your own,

Get Out As Much As Possible
There is nothing more depressing than staring at the same four walls all day long. There is a huge world outside waiting to be explored and by getting out as much as possible you can discover the wonders of this amazing planet. Staying indoors for too long causes feelings of isolation and will increase your feelings of loneliness. Just by been outside around others will help cure this problem and make you feel more connected to society.

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways you can overcome feeling lonely when living alone is by buying a pet. The most popular are cats and dogs so depending on which type you prefer these will make the perfect companion. Unlike humans, they will be overjoyed to see you every day and sure you unconditional love. If you live in a dangerous area an investment in a dog could help reduce your fear as it will help to protect you should you need it.

Social Media
All of the main Facebook executives have apologized for making an addictive platform that is changing society for the world. Getting likes and comments for posts gives a dopamine hit which can become addictive if not kept under control. Social media increases the feeling lonely and can make you envious of all your friends who are not living on their own. Try to limit your time as much as possible and this will help you cope.

Self Discovery
Living alone is a fantastic time for self-discovery. You will have the time to be able to figure out the things that are making you feel lonely. By finding out the triggers you will then be able to come up with a plan to be able to deal with them.

Enjoy The Benefits of Living Alone
There are thousands of couples who are jealous of people who live alone due to the many benefits it can provide. It is important not to forget about these are for the first time you are completely free to do as you wish. You can have visitors when you want, parties, gatherings and you do not have to get permission.

Living alone can be a wonderful experience and if you’re able to fill out most of your time with fun activities with others, you will appreciate the quiet downtime of being on your own. You will not have anyone nagging you to do tasks you do not want to do. You will also be in full control of the TV remote and be able to leave towels on the floor.

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