Relationship between Exercise and School Participation

Elementary school teacher with pupils in classroom

College of DuPage Nursing StudentVidhi Jasani shared that the concept of exercise has been revolving around for a long time to promote wellness and many different purposes. But who knew exercise could help children focus in class? Some children struggle to concentrate in class to, but exercise has been shown to provide an excellent outlet for concentration and participation in class. According to National Public Radio’s, Patricia Neighmond, “walking and running help with reading and writing.”

Some researchers have observed that exercises, like tennis help to prepare their brain for academic pursuits. It is thought that exercises such as tennis require good concentration over a long period of time. Dr. Anthronette Yancey, a director at Center of Eliminate Heath Disparities believes; “Kids have better attention to subjects when they’ve been active.”

Exercise has also been related to fewer disruptive behaviors in classes, higher self-esteem, and less depression and anxiety. As a result, kids perform better in class. In a recent study, students who exercised every day performed the best in class. A professor and psychiatrist from Harvard University, Dr. Ratey believes exercise is analogous to food for the brain; he expresses concern with discontinuing P.E. classes in an attempt to increase academic scores, as exercise increases the likelihood of improved academic performance. Exercise is the cheapest and most effective way to promote not only health, but enhance academic performance.





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