12 Running Facts That Will Inspire You To Run Today

Josh Wardini, Community Manager at  Webmastersjury, shared that he world’s healthiest people are those who exercise body and mind regularly. These people tend to have more productive days, better memory, and even look and feel younger and more attractive.

Of all the body exercises people engage in today, running is one of the oldest and also one of the very few that gives you a total body workout. Unlike with many other forms of exercise, there is no need for expensive equipment, just a good set of running shoes that you can always find a good deal on, from vendors like The Walking Company. And, there is a much smaller chance of injury than with most other activities! The numerous benefits of running cannot be overstated. What we have below is just a few facts that will hopefully remind you that the post-running muscle ache is totally worth it (along with other fun facts).Music boosts running performance by about 15%.


Using footwear that cost over $95 is linked to a 200% increase in chances of injury than with shoes of $40 or less.

  1. Running works the largest number of muscles using 200 to take each step. When you run, you also work out 33 joints, 26 bones, and 112 ligaments along with nerves, tendons, and blood vessels.

  1. You can cut your risk of Alzeheimer’s by 40% if you run as little as 24.6 KM a week.

  1. Want to increase your lifespan by 20%? Run 32 km a week.

  1. High blood pressure can be reduced by 50% if you run long distances.

  1. To reduce your chance of developing erectile dysfunction by 83%, run 5 hours per week.

  1. Up to a 15% increase in testosterone levels is observed in men who run 2.5 hours a week.

  1. A 20 minute cycle of 8 seconds sprint – 12 seconds slow run burns fat 5 times more than jogging in uniform speed for 40 minutes.

  1. Most people (80% men, 60% women) feel better looking when they run regularly.

  1. 97% of runners feel that running enhances their day.

  1. Runners become 11.34% more attractive for every 116 km of run.

  1. Music boosts running performance by about 15%.

  1. Using footwear that cost over $95 is linked to a 200% increase in chances of injury than with shoes of $40 or less.

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