Be strategic about your snacking picks

These should be savored and enjoyed for what they are. Personally, two butter cookies made from my grandmother’s recipe would give me more satisfaction than 10 of any other treat.

For the same calories, you get more than four times as many shrimp, and that volume alone will leave you feeling more satisfied.

Plus, the shrimp provide more protein and essential minerals, without any of the unhealthy fat or nitrates.

1 tablespoon sour-cream-and-onion dip vs. 6 tablespoons salsa – 30 calories

Besides the huge portion difference per calorie, tomato-based salsas are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which might help you fight off the colds that tend to get passed around at parties this time of year.

3 tortilla chips vs. 20 pieces cruditeés – 60 calories

Taking advantage of the cut vegetable platter means exponentially more crunchy dipping power than you get with chips.

Health-wise, the more vegetables the better, so dipping them in salsa is a doubly smart move.

1 mug eggnog with rum vs. 4 flutes champagne – 380 calories

I’m not saying you should drink four glasses of champagne; I’m saying you could for the same number of calories as a mug of spiked eggnog.

But even one or two flutes of those tiny bubbles makes a gathering feel like a real celebration.

¾ cup mini pretzel twists vs. 3 cups popcorn – 110 calories

Popcorn is not just a fun party food but also a whole grain, and it is voluminous, so the portion size is bountiful.

The equivalent in pretzels is skimpy by comparison.

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