Cold Air Can be Beneficial to Your Health, Especially for Children

Happy children sledding on snow, mountaint parkNorthshore University Health System Blog’s Health You shared that  Icelandic parents love to let their bundled babies nap outside in cold temperatures. Upon hearing this, your first response might be a salty, “Well, good for them.” Indeed, it might be great for them.

Studies show that kids who get outside more are less likely to develop diseases as adults and may have more flexible joints, healthier hearts and stronger lungs than kids who spend more time indoors.

With Winter at our doorstep, perhaps it’s time for us to think like Vikings and train our minds to consider cold air as refreshing and beneficial, especially for our children.


Before your kids head outside to play, Stephen Wielgus, MD, of the NorthShore Orthopaedic & Spine Insitute, shares safety tips to keep your family warm and safe while playing outside.

  1. Dress your kids in layers. Multiple light layers can help keep their bodies insulated while allowing heat to circulate throughout their bodies without overheating. Their first layer should be moisture-wicking and the outer layer should be waterproof.
  2. Cover their hands, head, heart, feet and ears. Avoid frostbite by covering those vulnerable areas on their bodies. Mittens are warmer than gloves and find ones that have a waterproof outer liner.

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