Wellness + WFH: Strategies from Professional Zen-Artists

Stacy Walden, a Content Marketing Specialist at   http://siegemedia.com   shared that as millions of Americans are now working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic many are experiencing challenges they never thought they would. From setting unfamiliar boundaries with family members to using less than comfortable home offices or workspaces, many are feeling the blues when it comes to their new work from the home set-up.

In a Thrive Global survey, 80% of respondents reported feeling helpless and that things were out of their control as well as over 85% of the respondents said they wanted more help adapting to working from home. While we are working from home we are also working through a crisis so it’s important that employees and employers be easier on themselves when reflecting on their productivity and job performance. Luckily we are all in this together and we can lean on the advice of others to help get us through.

Working at Home v. Working Through a Crisis

According to Thrive Global, on average employees reported feeling that 45% of their workdays have been lost due to distraction and time spent worrying about the outbreak. While being productive is still indispensable, it is important to acknowledge that you’re not going to be productive every second of the day. And that’s okay.

While many companies are striving to create more comfortable work environments for their employees by promoting flexibility in hours and the ability to take home office devices, there is so much more that can be done. Employees have the power to refresh and zen-out their work from home spaceBy definition, zen is the practice through which we can realize the joy of being and can apply this methodology to our time working from home. By differentiating between in-office and at-home etiquette you can help take ownership of your relationship with working from home.

To help you get started we’ve turned to interior wellness designers, organizational psychologists and productivity experts to provide real-world strategies you can integrate into your daily routine that have major health and happiness benefits. Explore the ideas from professional zen-artists and add some wellness to working from home.

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