How to Choose a Martial Art Based on Body Type

EUGENE HARDY is a professional Muay Thai fighter, with several years of experience and also a black belt holder. He actively participates in tournaments and provides training to his students.  Eugene asks in an article he shared with Healthy Lombard if you ever been to a gym?

If yes, try remembering your first day at a gym. You enter the gym and you feel the excitement rushing in your blood seeing people training. Apart from all the excitement, do you remember the suggestions the gym trainer gave you?

The trainer scans your body and, as per your body type, he/she suggests what to eat and the exercises you should do. Martial art is like working out at the gym.

Yes, choosing a specific martial art as per your body type speeds up the learning process. But there is no rule that a specific body is only eligible for specific martial arts. You can always train and prepare for any martial arts.

The first thing to do while choosing a martial art based on body type is to understand your body type. There are 3 types of body and each body type has its own characteristics. Figure out your body type.

Once you understand your body type, it gets easier to choose martial arts training based on your body type.

If you are specific about the martial art you want to learn and wondering if you have the perfect body type for the training. Here’s a breakdown on how to choose a Martial art based on body type.

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