Too Tired to Sleep?

Evelyn Addison from shared with Healthy Lombard that they call it beauty sleep for nothing! Some people may scoff that Sleeping Beauty is a vain princess who sleeps for vanity. However, medically speaking, your sleep is not mere vanity but a necessity.

Human beings get to recharge, replenish, and repair their cells when they are asleep. Sleep is one of the most important components of human health care because insufficient sleep can lead you to sickness. Think of a host of illnesses such as heart attack, hypertension, cancer, diabetes and more.

Let’s take a look at this sleep pandemic that has been plaguing the people of the modern world. Don’t be too tired to sleep because it can cause you health problems, even death.

Important Sleep Statistics

Today, with so many tech distractions, many people like you find it difficult to fall asleep. Some of you have issues with uncomfy mattresses and pillows. When you do get into slumber, the sleep quality is atrocious. Most get less than seven hours of shuteye, and this is especially true in these seven states.

According to the CDC, these ten states below garnered the worst sleep scores. They have the lowest percentage of people when it comes to receiving seven hours of sleep. These states are:

  • Hawaii 42.9%
  • West Virginia 41.4%
  • Kentucky 41.1%
  • Tennessee 40%
  • Ohio 39.7%
  • Michigan 39%
  • New York 38.6%
  • Alabama 38.6%
  • Virginia 38%
  • Georgia 38%

As you can see, these data and information are alarming because of the massive numbers that are affected by insomnia or lack of sleep. The modern world’s natural sleep pattern has indeed been disrupted, which is dangerous.

Why Sleep is Important?

Without an iota of doubt, getting sufficient sleep is necessary for you because it helps all human beings maintain optimal health. Those who of you want to enjoy a truly healthy lifestyle need to take your sleep seriously.

Sleeping the right set of hours per day is just as critical as doing a regular exercise regimen and eating a balanced diet. Make your bedroom truly inviting with luxe bedsheets to get that quality shuteye. After all, sleep is vital to overall well-being because it affects many components of your life, so it is necessary to make your bedroom cozy. Consider the following points below:

Sleep Boosts Immunity

People who get adequate sleep have better immune systems because the body gets to heal and recharge. Those of you who sleep less than seven hours are three times more likely to succumb to a cold virus than those who sleep more. To put it simply, the common cold and other illnesses are more common for people who lack sleep.

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