2020, Not Just the Year

College of DuPage Nursing Student Mishell Freire wrote for Healthy Lombard that vision is an essential part of life. We need our vision not just to see, but to drive, work, learn, and most importantly for our health. However, the number of Americans that live with a type of eye impairment keeps increasing. This topic is especially important for those who are living with or who are at risk for, eye disease, and for those who would like to prevent eye disease by early detection or preventative care.

A study by Dr. Alexander and colleagues showed that most participants with primary care providers did not receive information from their primary care providers that they needed to know about eyesight. Because of the lack of information from professionals, Dr. Alexander estimates that by 2020 the number of persons aged 40 and older who are blind in the United States will increase to 70%.

Vision health is important, but it’s frequently overlooked. For those who have access to the eye care they either do not take part in a comprehensive type of exam or do not get a form of dilation exam. This is typically due to the fear of possible illness, denial, lack of knowledge or the matter of cost differences. A simple visit to an eye care professional can help detect eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degenerations, diabetes, or glaucoma. Typically, most people wouldn’t think of these eye diseases because it either doesn’t run in their family or they’re not experiencing any vision problems. This is one of the reasons why vision health is important but often overlooked.

Keeping a good understanding of vision health can keep people safe. It affects people in every culture, race, and ethnicity, yet it’s still being disregarded. Most eye diseases have no early warning signs so it’s harder to detect, but if we see an eye health professional that risk can be decreased. Getting the right knowledge and understanding of eye health needs to improve.



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