A Parent’s Guide to a Sick Kid

MedExpress shared with Healthy Lombard that for working, stay-at-home, and work-from-home parents alike, a sick kiddo can completely derail the whole family’s agenda. When you’ve got a sick kid (or two or three) on your hands, it prompts a string of sometimes stressful questions.

Who can take the kids to the doctor? What about that big meeting this afternoon? Our babysitter is out of town. Is there anyone who could watch the kids for a few hours?

And while we all hope to avoid the dreaded sick days, the likelihood is that they eventually catch up to us all – especially when we’re talking about kids with developing immune systems and school and daycare germs. So, in tribute to the Boy Scouts, it’s best to be prepared. A sick plan can help provide some much-needed stress relief by helping to sort out the last-minute details and logistics associated with a sick kid.

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