Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes For Sleep: Lavender Essential Oil And More Choice

Guess what is the most-asked essential oil question among customers? That is “Which essential oil is good for sleep?”

Many customers came over and looked at the dozens of essential oil leaflets in detail, then ask us a question. We already know that is the question for most of the time.

What is the answer? Can be very simple.

If you have a little understanding of essential oils, you can blurt out immediately: “Lavender“! In a more professional manner – “True Lavender” (you can test any staff working in essential oil shop with this question, see if she answered this way?)

Wait, is lavender the only answer? Is it a panacea that can solve sleep-related problems for everyone?

Definitely not.

Anyone who knows a little about aromatherapy will know that any physical and mental condition (including insomnia) is a complicated problem, because it varies with age, gender, body and mind state, and the root causes of symptoms are different. Therefore, the choices of essential oil and directions of usage can also be different.

The charm of aromatherapy is the combination of rationality and sensibility.

The role of each essential oil should be analyzed from the rationality level of essential oil chemistry (pharmacological composition) and the sensibility level of aroma (spirit and energy). In addition, the physical and mental state of the user should be considered (we call it “resonance”), vary from person to person, even from place to place and from time to time.

This is the reason why many aromatherapists generally start the aromatherapy cases by improving their sleeping quality, a simple yet complicated daily scenario.

Although we are temporarily unable to get involved in the consultation case of each customer in-depth. But we will try to understand the physical and mental state of each customer, then try our best to give them professional advice.

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