Rest Easy: Extending Your Life with Sleep

One in three people aren’t getting enough sleep, and face a host of health complications. See how to get the rest you deserve with the visual at the end of this article provided by Bestow. 

We all know sleep is important, yet so many of us put off getting a full seven to eight hours in exchange for watching another episode of our favorite show or working on a project. The problem is so prevalent, that one in three people aren’t getting enough sleep. The end result? An increased risk for numerous health complications. 

The Benefits of Sleep

Not only can missing sleep be dangerous to your health, but sleep can also bring a ton of benefits as well. Beyond feeling rested and not requiring as much coffee, sleep has the following benefits and more: 

  • Sleep can reduce stress: Missing sleep can actually make you 21% more likely to be stressed out. This means getting proper rest can result in a less-stressed, happier you.
  • Sleep promotes healing: While you can’t sleep off a broken leg, getting a good night’s rest can help your skin recover more quickly from physical wounds.
  • Sleep combats neuroticism: Those with more neurotic tendencies or personalities are actually more prone to live shorter lives. Fortunately, getting enough sleep can help combat neuroticism. While those with neuroticism tend to sleep less, making sleep a solid routine can help reduce those neurotic tendencies. 
  • Sleep helps our memory and learning: It’s not uncommon to stay up all night to study for a test. Unfortunately, that late-night studying usually results in little sleep. Even worse, not getting enough rest can result in your brain has a more difficult time with memory acquisition. This translates into a tougher time learning new things.

    Instead of studying late, let our brain get some rest and study in the morning after you’ve slept a full seven to eight hours. 


Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s easy to talk about sleeping more, but getting a good night’s rest requires some planning and practice. Fortunately, Bestow has created a visual on how to extend your life with sleep. Even better, this visual layout several ways you can get more out of your sleep and even fall asleep faster. 

Get some shuteye — you deserve it! 

Extend your life with sleep <p>

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