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A Veggie Valentine

You may not “carrot”
all for me
The way I care for you.

You may “turnip” your nose
When I plead with you


But if your “heart” should”

beet” with mine

Forever “lettuce” hope

There is no reason in the world why we two “Cantaloupe.”

and … if that one made you smile, here’s another:

My love is like a cabbage
Divided into two,
The leaves I give to others,
The heart I give to you.

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Exercise – More Is Not Better
but Something Is Better Than Nothing

Elizabeth Moxley, PhD, RN, BS​​​, and Assistant Professor at the College of Dupage School of Nursing, shared the following great insight about exercise.

The Pandemic of Inactivity – Physical inactivity is a pandemic. It is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality and an estimated 40-80% of all people are currently sedentary. The benefits of physical activity have been known since the early 1950s, but the promotion of activity lags with respect to the evidence. Inactivity has become a chronic disease resulting in chronic complications.

The Benefits of Exercise – Exercise has been dubbed ‘the closest thing there is to a magic bullet’. The Nurse’s Health Study revealed the benefits from exercise are lasting; exercise performed during midlife yielded benefits at age 70. Few medications work that well!

The most important question not to ask-therefore, in this day and age is; what do I need to do to for good health, rather; why doesn’t our society exercise enough? Several obvious reasons exist, such as; a lack of time, sedentary lifestyles, diminished resources for which to engage in exercise, not realizing the extent of health benefits, and simply, not knowing where to begin. A ‘too much exercise hypothesis’ has even emerged regarding safe doses of vigorous-intensity and/or high quantities of exercise. The determination of the perfect dose of exercise is not only not clear – it has nearly become a perfect muddle! However, the evidence clearly demonstrates, any exercise is more beneficial than none at all, and some believe more is better.

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5-Minute Health Hacks

Sandy Getzky, the executive coordinating editor at The Global Nail Fungus Organization, a group committed to helping the 100+ million people suffering from finger and toenail fungus, and a registered Herbalist and member of the American Herbalist’s Guild composed the following article just for the Healthy Lombard blog. Thanks Sandy!

Hi, busy bee! Can you give me 5 minutes of your time? Yes? Great! I have good news for you then: you have the time you need to take care of your health.  Yes, 5-minute time pockets are all you need to do something kind for yourself: strengthen and tone your muscles, prepare a nutritious lunch, recharge with a healthy snack, feed your brain, and so much more.

Five minutes in exchange for added protection from a myriad of stubborn illnesses and infections — such as coughs and colds, flu, nail fungus infection, digestive problems — which might take you days, weeks, or months to treat! Wouldn’t you agree that investing 300 seconds for your health is well worth it?

So here are 5 fun and quick 5-minute health hacks:

1.  5-minute plank challenge – This is my personal favorite, so it deserves the top spot on this list. Planking strengthens your glute, all your major core muscles, and your back.

Doing planks regularly will improve your ability to carry heavy objects, boost your metabolism, increase your flexibility and balance, and even benefit your brain.

A plank might look easy to pull off, but let me warn you: unless you are already working out regularly, you probably will not be able to successfully accomplish the 5-minute plank challenge on your first try.

But don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself and find out. This video will guide you in the 5-minute plank challenge.

2.  5-minute recipes – Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you can whip up something healthy and delicious in 5 minutes.

Eggs are a protein-rich and easy-to-make option — how about a salad made up of organic mixed greens, dried or fresh fruits, olives and feta cheese, topped with poached egg? Try a vegetable omelet or a whole wheat bagel topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon, egg, and chives.

Wraps are also a good idea — tacos, pita bread, nori sheets, Swiss chard, or lettuce wrapped around a colorful and nutritious filling can satisfy your hunger pangs in a healthy way.

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Six ways to keep your kids healthy during winter

Benefits of Garam Masala

College of Dupage Nursing student Meghana Patel shared that coming originally from a country like India in which spicy foods are a must-have and having a mother who cooks dishes, that make eyes burn, but taste so good, I came to the thought of garam masala. Garam masala is a combination of cloves, cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom in the most simple form. Otherwise it contains at least 32 other spices. It is a very red powdery spice that is used in most Indian dishes that provides a lot of spiciness to a dish. Some may even say it gives a fiery taste!

There are so many benefits to eating this amazing spice. A few of them are that it helps fight disease and builds up your immune system, it also relieves pain and inflammation issues, slows the aging process, helps with weight loss, increases vitamin absorption in the body, and so much more. There are some disadvantages of garam masala though. With very excessive amounts, it can cause stomach ulcers and a lot of other gastrointestinal problems, but with regulated, small amounts, it definitely beats the list of cons.

According to, “garam masala is like one pill for many diseases” and I completely agree. Without it, I couldn’t possibly live, could I?

Some foods and herbs may help ward off the flu

Patrick B. Massey, MD, PH.D., medical director for complementary and alternative medicine at Alexian Brothers Hospital Network and president of ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy, shared in the Daily Herald that he is often asked in winter is “should I get the flu shot?” He answered that his answer varies. Some people need all the protection they can get and others not as much. Truth be told, it is rare that the flu shot actually prevents the flu. Fortunately nature has provided some natural options to the flu vaccine. There is reasonable medical research that some foods, herbs and supplements may be effective in the prevention and treatment of influenza.

Glycyrrhiza lepidota is the name for the American licorice plant. The active ingredient is a group of compounds termed glycyrrhric acids. Licorice stimulates the production of anti-viral compounds called interferons. It also has anti-inflammatory properties so the symptoms of the flu may be blunted. The most interesting aspect of licorice root (at least to me) is that it actually prevents the influenza virus from getting into the cell, reducing the risk of the cell actually becoming infected. Overall licorice root is safe, however the glycyrrhric acids may cause high blood pressure.

Ginseng is an herb that is often used in Oriental medicine. Ginseng is classified as either red or white. Heat white ginseng and it becomes red ginseng. A number of medical studies have shown that red Korean ginseng helps to significantly reduce the symptoms and duration of upper respiratory tract infections. Although not shown specifically to reduce the incidence of influenza, it is historically used during influenza season to maintain health. Red ginseng can cause an increase in blood pressure in those with high blood pressure. Insomnia can be an issue as well as migraines in those who are sensitive to the effects of red ginseng. Read more

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month

Bernie Glossy,  president and CEO of Delta Dental of Illinois shared in the Daily Herald that dental health is one of the most critical, unmet health care issues facing Illinois children today.

Good oral health care is imperative for children, but many caregivers don’t realize how important it is to establish an oral health routine at an early age.

I’ve seen firsthand how poor oral health can negatively affect children, and Children’s Dental Health Month in February is a good time to stress the seriousness of the issue.

While it’s nearly preventable, in a special report on the state of oral health in America, the U.S. Surgeon General identified tooth decay as the most common chronic childhood disease and called it “America’s silent epidemic.”

Untreated tooth decay is not only painful, but also may affect a child’s ability to eat and speak, and may lead to future oral and overall health problems. Poor oral health is also detrimental to a child’s learning and success in school, contributing to school absences and lower grades.

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New sick leave law gives more flexibility

The Daily Herald Newspaper shared that a new Illinois law, which allows family caregivers to use up to half of their sick leave benefits at work to take time off for a family member’s illness, injury or medical appointments, went into effect Jan. 1, AARP Illinois reports.

More than 1.5 million Illinoisans are family caregivers, and many struggle to balance their paid work with the responsibilities of caring for a sick parent, spouse, sibling or child.

Without this law, some had to make tough choices such as whether to cut back on work hours or quit their jobs altogether to be able to care for their loved ones.

“Businesses will also benefit,” said Bob Gallo, AARP state director. “This law is likely to improve employee morale by reducing stress and offering support and flexibility for family caregivers.”