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11 Surprising Causes of Insomnia

Jessica Migala wrote for  AARP that sleep is as elusive as leprechaun gold and twice as valuable. The number of health conditions linked to poor or inadequate sleep is almost endless, with obesity, diabetes and heart disease topping the list. But sleep ought to be something we can control — just get to bed early and […]

Lombard Pharmacy Announces its Pharmacy RxLocal App!

Lombard Pharmacy has adopted RxLocal to provide the tools and services needed to create a better pharmacy experience for everyone. With RxLocal, prescriptions are easily managed,  patient information is made readily available, and you’re connected with the right people. RxLocal™ Customer Suite is designed to connect LombardPhamacy to its patients, providers, and other stakeholders. The ultimate goal is improving patient health […]

Viewing Zoo Animals Reduces Your Stress Levels

Aleanna Siacon suggested in the Detroit Free Press that you imagine a beautiful day checking out the animals at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, feeling a bit calmer and happier. There’s actually some science to that. The results of a recent wellness study conducted by the Detroit Zoological Society and Michigan State University researchers found that viewing animals […]


College of Dupage Nursing Student EugeniaKim wrote for Healthy Lombard that “Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep” (www.mayocloninc.com). Even if you get back to sleep, you may feel […]

New Generation of Reading Glasses

Selene Yeager shared in the AARP e-Newsletter that as reading glasses have grown in popularity, they’ve also become more sophisticated. Last year, 53.6 million pairs of “readers” (aka “cheaters”) were sold in the U.S., and more than 90 percent of them to people over 45, according to the Vision Council. These glasses cost only $17 […]


The Center for Disease Control shared that Measles is a highly contagious disease. It can be serious for young children. Protect your child by making sure he or she is up to date on the measles vaccine, including before traveling abroad. Children Need 2 Doses of Measles Vaccine You can protect your child against measles with […]

The Best Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

Home Fitness Life shared with Healthy Lombard that working out gets harder with age. High impact exercises that once were easier in youth can be more taxing than before. That being the case, you’re going to need to do exercise that is easy on your joints and ligaments. In this article, I will recommend some […]

CDC Healthy Schools BAM! A Website for Kids

Did you know CDC Healthy Schools has a website just for kids? Check out the BAM! Body and Mind website, with cool health info including an original webcomic series! The BAM! Body and Mind website is for tweens (kids 9–12 years old), their parents, and their teachers. BAM! has information on health topics such as how the […]

Real Life Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity

Go For Life from the National Institute on Aging shared that exercise and physical activity aren’t just good for your mind and body, it can help you stay active and mobile as you age! Regularly including all 4 types of exercise will give you a wide range of real-life benefits. Endurance activities help you: Keep up with your grandchildren […]