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Most kids rely on french fries as their vegetable

Recently, the Daily Herld Newspaper reported that most children go days without eating any greens, a new study reveals. For 90 percent of kids, potatoes — in the form of french fries — are their only constant vegetable, the Daily Mail reports. And more than half of babies aren’t getting any breast milk. The bleak […]

Avoid these roadblocks

Assurance asks, “Think you’re doing everything right with your diet, but still not dropping any pounds?”One of the dieting obstacles below might be to blame. Avoid these weight-loss roadblocks for a path to a healthier you: Stress: When you’re stressed out, your body releases a hormone that causes you to crave fatty, sugary foods. Unhealthy […]

5 Juices and Smoothies Your Kids Will Love

Guest Blogger Cathy White asks, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your kids ate all of their vegetables and fruits with a smile?” Getting picky eaters to consume the 5 daily recommended servings is not that easy. As more families are adopting healthier lifestyles and eating habits, it can be frustrating when all your kids want […]

Fun Exercises For Parents And Child Workout At Home.

Kelly Joyner, the founder of RegularityFitness, shared that body fitness is part and parcel of healthy living. And not just for mums, for toddlers too. Thanks to technology and video games, our kids are more vulnerable to poor health and obesity due to lack of exercise. They can sit playing their games all day long if […]

What’s Cooking at MyPlate2Yours

Salmon with Mango Salsa Lynn Dugan  at  MyPlate2Yours  shared that this 30-minute start-to-finish recipe looks and tastes like you ordered it at a fancy restaurant! NUTRITION TIP:  Fish is a great source of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Health experts recognize that the US diet does not include enough omega-3. Since our bodies cannot produce these fatty acids, we need them […]

Cut out sugar

Assurance shared that the average American sugar intake is about 32 teaspoons of sugar per day. Since it is the #1 food additive in the foods we consume, it can often be overlooked. However, cutting down on sugar in your diet may be one of the biggest ways you can improve your health and manage […]

11 Health Benefits of Ginger, According to Science

Jenn Miller from Jen’s Reviews shared  that Ginger, being one of the healthiest spices in the world, is also the most endorsed dietary condiment. You’re probably guessing its plant family, so let me tell you that it’s a part of the turmeric and cardamom plant family. There are many ways to cook ginger into your […]

What’s in a dietitian’s fridge?

Dietitians are food and nutrition experts! So what would a dietitian eat for breakfast? What foods would she keep out of her kitchen?  Edwards-Elmhurst Hospital  asked Alanna Elliott, RD, LDN, an outpatient dietitian at Edward Hospital in Naperville, what she keeps in her fridge. Q:  What are your go-to condiments? A:  Depending on the meal, […]