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Promoting Mental Health at Home

Molly Anderson has seen how important it is to address mental health issues before they take control. She truly believes it’s lifesaving to nurture our innermost selves before mental health conditions become debilitating, whether it’s something as common as stress and anger or something as complex as depression or suicidal thoughts. As part of her work […]

Relationship between Exercise and School Participation

College of DuPage Nursing StudentVidhi Jasani shared that the concept of exercise has been revolving around for a long time to promote wellness and many different purposes. But who knew exercise could help children focus in class? Some children struggle to concentrate in class to, but exercise has been shown to provide an excellent outlet […]

10 Healthy Foods That (Practically) Never Expire

Grace Elkus at Real Simple shared that while it’s true that many shelf-stable foods are often loaded with preservatives (think condiments, lunch meats, and bags of chips), a number of good-for-you foods naturally last for a long time. Stock up on these staples whenever it’s convenient, and they’ll be on hand when you’re ready to get cooking. Curious […]

Healthy Lombard Invites Community to Crunch Along on October 12

On “Apple Crunch Day”, Healthy Lombard is encouraging everyone to crunch into an apple in a unifying action to raise awareness about eating better diets for our health and the environment, access and affordability of fruits and vegetables, and supporting local farmers. Hundreds of thousands of school students in Illinois will crunch into an apple […]

Ever wonder how to lesson your kids’ screen time?

College of DuPage Nursing Student Czarina Anne Cruz feels that children’s use of electronics nowadays seems unavoidable. They can spend a whole day watching TV shows, playing video games or texting on their phones, without having actual conversations with other people. This is alarming and can negatively affect their social skills and most importantly, their […]

7 Things People Who Feel Half Their Age Do Every Week

Cassie Shortsleeve wrote in  Silver Sneakers by Trinity Healthy that getting older is inevitable, but feeling older? That’s a different story. On average, people older than 70 feel 13 years younger than they really are, according to a study published in the Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences. Among study participants who were particularly healthy and active, […]

Lombard Police to host child seat inspection event

The Lombard Police Department is recognizing Child Passenger Safety Week by hosting a child safety seat check at the Lombard Police Department on Saturday, September 23, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Lombard Officers will check car seats for proper installation and advise parents, grandparents, and caregivers how to choose the right car seats and install […]