Health Advisory for Lung Disease Associated with Vaping

You may have heard the news, but the CDC recently released an advisory warning of a new, severe pulmonary disease associated with the use of e-cigarette products. Over 200 cases across 25 states have been reported, with patients experiencing respiratory and/or other symptoms, such as cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and fever.

“Vaping” (or e-cigarette usage) is especially harmful to young people, yet it’s on the rise among children and teenagers. In 2018, use of e-cigarettes rose 80% among high school students and 50% among middle school students from the year prior, with 3.6 million teenagers reporting the use of the devices.

This dangerous new lung disease isn’t the only reason to prevent vaping among adolescents— vaping also increases potential harm to brain development and the likelihood of future cigarette smoking.

Fortunately, our partners at CATCH offer a FREE curriculum aimed at preventing e-cigarette use to schools. The CATCH My Breath program was recently expanded to include fifth grade and updated significantly with new content and activities across all grade levels. Watch their two-minute overview video at to learn more.

Photo by Richard R Schünemann on Unsplash

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