10 Yoga Poses to Keep the Kids Fit and Healthy

John Linden, Editor @ www.themostchic.com shared with Healthy Lombard that yoga, an ancient art, is great not only for the mind but for the body as well. Along with adults, even children can benefit immensely from this therapeutic practice.[1]

In fact, the yoga is tremendously beneficial for children as it promotes neuromuscular development,[2] improves body awareness and offers basic stretching and strengthening.[3]

In addition to this, yoga also helps maintain flexibility, strengthens a growing body, enhances concentration,[4] cultivates a relaxed state of body and mind, helps with stress management, sparks creativity in young minds, and teaches discipline and responsibility.

If you plan to teach your children yoga, then do not worry about practicing it perfectly. You need to focus more on helping them practice gentle movements that feel comfortable and help them increase their body awareness.

You also need to teach your children that yoga is not a destination; rather it is a lifetime journey that can help them lead a healthy life in the coming years.

Yoga Poses to Keep Your Child Fit and Healthy

Here are 10 yoga poses for children.

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

This is a simple yet powerful yoga pose for good posture and increased height. It even strengthens the core and leg muscles as well as reduces flat feet.

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