Study: Millennials believe life is more stressful than for previous generations

Matt Zajechowski from Digital Third Coast shared with Healthy Lombard that it’s no secret that in 2019, people are stressed out, with the World Health Organization even recognizing burnout as an official medical condition. It stems from chronic, mismanaged workplace stress and is most often tied to millennials. Is it warranted? Survey says: Yes.

According to a new study by Lhasa OMS, 80 percent of millennials experience stress several times per week and 40 percent are stressed out every day. Finances, work pressure and work-life balance top the list of stressors for both men and women, with most saying that a higher income would allow them to feel less stressed.

That list of stressors, which also includes mental and physical health, politics and romantic relationships, leads three out of four millennials to believe that life is more stressful today than it was for previous generations. Respondents said that more debt, a more competitive job market and expensive healthcare all lend a hand in making life more stressful.

As a result of mismanaged or overwhelming amounts of stress, more than half say they choose to withdraw from their social lives and often feel fatigued and anxious – but only 12 percent regularly set aside time to decompress. When they do, more than half turn to TV, movies or music. Other popular methods include sleeping or exercising.

You can see the full results of the survey, which was taken by 2,010 Americans, here.

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