The Best Morning Alternatives to Coffee and Their Health Benefits

Are you bored of your regular cup of coffee every morning? Good news — there are plenty of delicious alternatives that you can try that will give you the same boost you need to get the day started. For those of you who are seeking caffeine in the morning to get going, there are great options like green tea and yerba mate that will give you some extra energy, but without the crash later. Plus, they have some health benefits that make them an even more appealing option. Green tea, in particular, has a number of proven health benefits, such as improving brain function, boosting metabolism, and it contains antioxidants. 


There are also a number of alternatives to coffee that doesn’t contain caffeine but can still help your body wake up and get ready for the day ahead. If you’re someone who tends to get that jittery feeling when you drink caffeine, try a glass of lemon water or apple cider vinegar instead. Lemon water has high levels of vitamin C to help your immune system, stimulates the brain and nerve functions, and also helps aid digestion. Apple cider vinegar also contains a number of health benefits, such as killing unhealthy bacteria in your gut and also helps to curb your appetite.

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